Racler comme jamais David Charles feat. MC Roger parodie de Maître Gims, la vidéo qui beuuuzzzzzeee


Basta Che Si Sta Bene


«Basta Che Si Sta Bene» the new single by David Charles, delivers that kind of magic that makes you feel free for a moment. The song was composed in Italy near by Rome, during the thrilling summer time. Sun, family, friends, Italian food, a simple guitar and happiness have been the major triggers to write this song. It is all about simplicity and freedom. A song for a smile...




1. Burnout

2. Rien qu'un geste

3. Oublie-moi

4. Reste dans ma tête

5. Embrasse-moi

6. Dis-moi où

7. Buonanotte

8. Kif

9. Feel Alive

10. Je pense à toi

11. Good vibes

12. Moi-même