Basta Che Si Sta Bene


«Basta Che Si Sta Bene» the new single by David Charles, delivers that kind of magic that makes you feel free for a moment. The song was composed in Italy near by Rome, during the thrilling summer time. Sun, family, friends, Italian food, a simple guitar and happiness have been the major triggers to write this song. It is all about simplicity and freedom. A song for a smile...




1. Burnout

2. Rien qu'un geste

3. Oublie-moi

4. Reste dans ma tête

5. Embrasse-moi

6. Dis-moi où

7. Buonanotte

8. Kif

9. Feel Alive

10. Je pense à toi

11. Good vibes

12. Moi-même